'I'm winning the battle on Martha's Vineyard':  Dershowitz launches another attack on 'intolerant' residents shunning him
Alan Dershowitz -- CNN screenshot

During an appearance on CNN on Saturday morning, law professor Alan Dershowitz addressed both who he thought President Donald Trump should appoint to the Supreme Court as well as his social problems on Martha's Vineyard, where he claims he is being shunned over his defense of the president.

Speaking with host Michael Smerconish, Dershowitz surprisingly -- or maybe not surprisingly -- endorsed conservative Judge Brett Kavanaugh which led host Smerconish to quip how that would go over with his liberal neighbors on Martha's Vineyard.

"That answer cost you three more invitations on Martha's Vineyards," Smerconish joked.

'That's okay, I don't mind, I'm winning the battle on Martha's Vineyard," Dershowitz replied. "The people on Martha's Vineyard are reasonable and decent. They have begun to condemn the small number if people who have said, because you have spent your life defending everybody's civil liberties, we will stop stalking to you."

"Look, everybody would have been happier, including me, if Hillary Clinton had been elected president," he continued. "If she were being impeached or prosecuted or threatened. I'd be her strongest champion. I actually wrote a book defending Bill Clinton's right to not be impeached. I would be making them for Hillary Clinton rather than helping Donald Trump by making the civil liberty arguments."

"It's about intolerance and unwillingness to talk," Dershowitz claimed. "Conservatives are being shunned. Conservatives are being denied the right to speak on college campuses. You see serious people, adults wanting safe spaces, trigger warnings, not to be confronted with a view they support if it applied to a different person and Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump."

You can watch the video below via CNN: