Kellyanne Conway praises rescue of Thai cave kids -- and the Internet reminds her about children held in ICE cages
Kellyanne Conway at CPAC 2017 (Michael Vadon/Flickr)

As President Donald Trump jets his way across the Atlantic to meet with world leaders, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway was keeping an eye on the news and praised the efforts to rescue a kids soccer team in Thailand that was successfully extracted from a partially submerged cave after 18 days.

Writing on Twitter, Conway stated, "The shows the very best of humanity. Grateful hearts for the brave rescue teams. Sorrow for the rescuer who passed away. Prayers for healing and full recovery for all affected, especially those 12 boys. We’re better when we come together."

Needless to say, Conway's mention of "the best of humanity" and the lives of children separated from their parents provided a target-rich environment for Twitter users who suggested she might want to look homeward to ICE detention centers in the U.S. that are housing kids ripped form their immigrant parent's arms.

It wasn't pretty -- see below: