Kellyanne Conway snaps at Fox News anchor for grilling her about Trump cowering from Putin on election meddling
Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway and Fox News host Bill Hemmer have a tense exchange on Tuesday/Screenshot

Donald Trump is slated to meet with Vladimir Putin next week and says he will not talk about the 2016 election.

Fox News host Bill Hemmer confronted Kellyanne Conway about this on Tuesday, prompting a tense exchange.

"Will he tell Vladimir Putin to not meddle in any American elections?" Hemmer asked.

Conway would not answer the question directly.

"They will discuss any range of issues, particularly those that affect the world security," she said.

"You have a bipartisan U.S. Senate report that says that Moscow, they were all over 2016," he said. "Will he address that directly with Vladimir Putin? Yes or no?"

Conway said that it has "addressed previously" and then claimed that there has been no proof of collusion between Russia and Trump.

"Nobody's even saying that anymore, Bill," she said. "Nobody's even saying that anymore. But boy were they saying it. Wanna see the clips? I've got them ready for you."

Hemmer said that he accepted her argument but that he didn't understand why Trump would not warn Putin not to interfere in the 2018 election.

"I get it, but despite all that... but as president of the United States, you talk about democratic process and keeping it pure," he said. "Why not take this conversation?"

"He said that!" Conway yelled. "We don't want anybody interfering in our democracy. Anybody interfering in our democracy. But it is foolish for anybody to still be going back to 2016, almost two years ago now, and trying to pretend that that election result... happened because of any outside interference."

It is commonly accepted that the Russian dictator interfered in the 2016 presidential election to swing a race that hinged on just 77,000 votes in three states.

Watch below.