Mike Pence’s brother says Trump reminds him of their ‘tyrannical’ father: author
Mike Pence (Photo: by Michael Vadon/Flickr)

The author of a new book on vice presidents says Mike Pence's relationship with President Donald Trump is informed by his experience growing up with a "tyrannical" and abusive father.

Kate Andersen Brower, author of First In Line, spoke to Pence's brother, who said Trump reminds him of his own domineering father.

"Pence's father was more than domineering," Brower told MSNBC's "Morning Joe." "When the children didn't stand up when an adult came in the room, he would beat them with a belt. So Mike Pence is used to dealing with somebody who is kind of tyrannical, and I think that he is used to staying quiet."

Brower reported that Trump mocks Pence's religious faith and asks visitors to the West Wing whether the vice president made them pray with him, and she explained why the vice president puts up with the abuse.

"There is an intense feeling of gratitude, too, that Mike Pence has," Brower said. "He knows the only reason on god's green earth that he is in the White House is because of Donald Trump, and I think there is a mutual fascination there."

Brower said Pence and his wife Karen are able to overlook their moral and political differences with Trump because they like the power that comes with their partnership.

"It's something they don't like to talk about because there is inherent hypocrisy to all of this, but they were willing to look beyond it, and I just think they are so ambitious," Brower said. "I interviewed a radio host who was Pence's boss at one point, and he said he's never met a more directable talent in his life."