MSNBC analyst: Republicans haven't gotten anything done  -- so they're  stacking courts with conservatives

On Monday, MSNBC panelists on the Katy Tur show discussed the ramifications of the battle over President Donald Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court ahead of the President's announcement.

"What Democrats have to realize is that this is an important moment for messaging, not just on Roe v. Wade but also voting rights," said former Clinton campaign advisor Zerlina Maxwell.

"You also have other issues, civil rights, gay rights, that're all going to come before the Court. The ACA is just another tenet that's going to come before the court, in terms of pre-existing conditions, so Democrats can use this as an opportunity to lay it out for the American people "

Christopher Kang, Chief Counsel for Demand Justice, pointed out that Republicans' problem, on the other hand, is that they haven't been able to deliver policy victories of almost a decade of majorities in Congress—so they have to rely on conservatives on the Supreme Court.

"Time and time again, Republicans are unable to accomplish their extremely conservative policy goals through Congress or through the executive branch so they're seeking to do it through the courts," Kang said.