MSNBC legal analyst checks off all the charges Don Jr. faces if he is busted for lying about Trump Tower meeting
President Donald Trump and Donald Trump, Jr (Twitter)

Appearing on a panel discussion on the blockbuster report that President Donald Trump was aware that his son, Don Jr., would be attending a meeting with Russians at Trump Tower in July of 2016, the topic turned to Trump's eldest son defending his father by lying to investigators.

Speaking with the panel, former defense attorney Danny Cevallos explained that -- should Trump fixer Michael Cohen's accusation that Trump knew about the meeting stand up -- Don Jr. could be facing a host of federal charges.

"If Don Jr. lied to Congress, there are about six different obstruction statutes that apply to congressional activities," Cevallos explained."The most obvious would be 1505, but as long as he intended to mislead or omit factual information, he can be charged with a crime, and this is very important, whether or not he was under oath."

"If he's under oath, it's perjury. If he's not under oath, it still might be section 1001," he continued. "If there was a statute of the year in the federal criminal code, it would be section 1001, 'false statements to authorities,' including Congress, but not necessarily Congress. We've already seen others indicted, pleading guilty to the exact same crime."

"A number of high-profile people in the past have been charged with this crime. It is a very easy crime to make out and does not require an oath," Cevallos elaborated. "It essentially requires just a knowing intentional misleading or lying to an agent or Congress or obstructing some proceeding."

You can watch the video below via MSNBC: