MSNBC panel predicts Gov. Scott Walker will go down in flames in November election and that Trump is responsible
Donald Trump, Scott Walker -- screencaps

During a Saturday morning MSNBC panel on tight races in the upcoming midterm election in November, AM Joy host Joy Reid focused like a laser on the gubernatorial race in Wisconsin where Republican incumbent Scott Walker is trailing badly in the polls to Wisconsin state education superintendent,Tony Evers.

Noting that Walker is trailing in a recent poll by 13 points, the panel quickly pointed out that Walker has never been a popular governor and that President Donald Trump -- and his policies -- are dragging Walker down to defeat.

According to Politico, "A new poll from NBC News and Marist College shows Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker trailing a Democratic challenger by double-digits, part of a raft of rough results for Republicans across three Midwestern states. Walker has warned for months that Republicans need to be active and vigilant as he runs for a third term, with Democrats winning a series of down-ballot elections in Wisconsin earlier this year."

Host Reid used that as a jumping off point.

"I want to make sure we get Wisconsin in because you have another interesting race" host Reid began. "Tony Evers polling at 54 percent, Scott Walker at 41 percent. He was re-elected, and people were surprised but he did get back in, so what has changed?"

According to political commentator Jason Johnson, Walker can blame his woes on Trump.

"Scott's in trouble because the president is unpopular," Johnson explained. "That's the biggest thing. I've always said this. Donald Trump can shoot people on 5th Avenue, he remains popular, but he is a millstone around the neck of other Republicans in this country. He has no coat tails. So that's been dragging Scott Walker down."

"All of these tariffs," he added. "Canada has been specifically targeting Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in their tariffs. They are hitting Wisconsin where it hurts. Scott Walker has been trying to justify that and a lot of voters in that state are unhappy."

"Third time's a charm -- Scott Walker gets knocked out," he predicted.

Watch the video below via MSNBC: