Racist New York man spews horrific racial insults at black man dropping off his young son

Last week, Bentley Sanon was on his way to drop off his young son, when he was accosted by a racist white driver who spewed racial insults at him.

The video, which Sanon posted to Facebook with the commentary "this happened in #DeerPark on my way to drop my son off...smh😕 #blackpeoplearentbelieved" shows the man hurling racial epithets.

"N*gger boy" the man taunts, even as Sanon recorded the incident.

"Smile N*gger" the man yells.

The incident occurred in Deer Park, New York.

On Facebook, Sanon's friends and family reacted in disbelief.

"Wow, wow, wow.......I can’t even, just speechless" Brigitte Myhre said.

"This is why I stay away from them. Their true colors always come out. The WORST kind of people" another Facebook friend said.

Others tried to find the man and reveal his identity. The search appears to be ongoing.

WARNING: Profane and disturbing language used.