Fox News' Sean Hannity calls Trump-Cohen tape a 'dud' -- argues it's too 'muffled' to really tell what president is saying
Sean Hannity (Photo: Screen capture)

Sean Hannity told his Fox News audience on Tuesday that the tapes of President Donald Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen are too "muffled" to distinguish what is said.

The senior Trump advisor agreed with lawyer Rudy Giuliani that it is unethical to record a client. Even if there were tapes, however, Hannity said that it was a waste of time.

I listen to all of this and I am listening to something that never happened that it was a billionaire and they just do not want the divorce to come, always usually ugly, rights, and then they talk about, well, pay cash or check, it is muffled, I do not see anything, I see a dud," said Hannity.

Commentator Gregg Jarrett agreed, noting that these tapes happen frequently and are an example of Cohen trying to "smear the president" on "personal matters."

Hannity went on to predict that the "liberal media" will be "hyperventilating" over the tape. It did, however, give the president a break from news about the Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin.

Watch the segment below: