Tennessee teen pulled gun on McDonalds worker for complaining about racist abuse
Ronald McDonald sits in front of a McDonald's (Shutterstock)

A Tennessee teenager was arrested and charged after he allegedly threatened a McDonald's worker with a gun after his friend hurled a racial slur at the employee.

The teenagers pulled up to the drive-through window Saturday morning in a 2007 Hummer HU3 and paid for their food at the Memphis restaurant, reported WREG-TV.

The employee dropped some of the teens' change during the transaction, and the front passenger called him a racial slur, police said.

The man asked the 15-year-old boy not to call him that, police said, and the 17-year-old driver drew a gun and partially opened the SUV door.

The McDonald's manager told police he hit the security alarm and locked the drive-through window.

The three teenagers in the Hummer were still sitting in the drive-through when police arrived, and all three were detained.

The driver was charged with aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a weapon after police discovered the gun had been stolen in February.

The other two teens were cited with a curfew violation.