Trump confidante: CNN can get presidential interview if they agree to only 'talk about his economic successes'
Chris Ruddy speaks with Brian Stelter (CNN/screen grab)

Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, a longtime confidante of President Donald Trump's, on Sunday told CNN that the network could get more interviews with the president if reporters promised only praise.

In a Sunday interview, CNN media analyst Brian Stelter asked Ruddy to suggest to Trump that more administration officials be made available to the network.

"I’m glad you’re here, Chris, and I hope you’ll suggest to the president to make more trump aides available," Stelter said.

"Next week, could we do a program about all of the president's economic successes?" Ruddy proposed. "Can we do that?"

"I just get one hour to talk about the media," Stelter explained.

"If I could get [White House economic adviser] Larry Kudlow to come on, would you be open to it?" Ruddy asked.

"I'm sure many people at CNN would love to interview Larry," Stelter acknowledged.

"Maybe the president will come on if you just talk about his economic successes," Ruddy advised.

Watch the video below from CNN.