President Donald Trump on Sunday left the door open for making abortion rights a litmus test for his Supreme Court nominee.

During an interview on Fox News, host Maria Bartiromo asked Trump if he would asks candidates whether they would overturn Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling that affirmed abortion rights for women.

"Are you going to ask your nominees beforehand how they might vote on Roe versus Wade?" Bartiromo wondered.

"Well, that's a big one," Trump replied. "And probably not. They are all saying don't do that. You don't do that. You shouldn't do that. But I'm putting conservative people on."

Bartiromo noted that as a candidate, Trump said that Roe should be overturned and abortion rights should be decided by the states.

"Well, maybe some day it will be to the states," Trump opined. "You never know how that's going to turn out. That's a very complex question. The Roe v. Wade is probably the one that people are talking about in terms of having an effect. But we will see what happens. But it could very well end up with states at some point."

Watch the video below from Fox News.