Veteran newsman Dan Rather demands every White House staffer answer a single critical question
Dan Rather (Photo: Screen capture)

In a tweet following President Donald Trump's joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, veteran newsman Dan Rather demanded that anyone associated with the administration answer about their loyalties.

In the 1950s Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-WI) impugned a panel to question the loyalties of Americans to the Communist Party. It was based on nothing and the evidence was laughable. History hasn't viewed him kindly.

Today, there is actual proof that America was attacked by a foreign adversary and the president and, his staff and appointed officials, the National Riffle Association and allied Republicans are complicit.

Dan Rather wants them on the record.

"There's one question everyone who works in this administration or supports it must be forced to answer: Do you trust Trump to be Commander in Chief?" Rather tweeted Monday. "If the answer is yes, that means they support Putin over the American national security and intelligence communities. Period."