The View’s Meghan McCain loses her mind as audience cheers socialism: ‘This makes my head explode’
Meghan McCain (ABC)

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain exploded in fury as the studio audience cheered a list of Democratic-Socialist campaign promises, and vowed to keep those political ideas from becoming "normalized."

The show's panelists discussed sexist attacks against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the conversation continued past a commercial break into a debate over her differences with the Democratic Party and the policies she had proposed.

"We had her on this show, and I asked her this question, what do you mean by Democratic-Socialist?" said co-host Sunny Hostin. "She went over her platform: Medicare for all, fully funded public schools and universities, paid family and sick leave, justice reform, immigration justice, infrastructure overhaul, clean campaign finance, economy of peace, housing as a human right."

Co-host Joy Behar greeted each proposal with words of encouragement, and the audience cheered when Hostin finished listing the policies.

"That sounds like a successful country," Behar said.

The conservative McCain was furious.

"This makes my head explode," she said. "I hope Democrats do run a Democratic-Socialist (campaign) because I think you'll lose spectacularly, and then I'll look forward to Election Night when I can tell everybody, 'I told you so,' if you end up running a radical."

She quoted Margaret Thatcher, who said socialism depends too much on "other people's money," and she insisted Americans would never tolerate paying taxes at the rate of European countries like Norway.

"They have given this enormous tax break to the richest people in the country," Behar said. "That tax break doesn't have to be so generous to the wealthy, does it? If you don't give that money to them, what happens to that money? Better schools, better post offices, better garbage pickups."

The audience cheered loudly, which only made McCain angrier.

"If you think the government is so running at things -- then the post office is a great-run business, the (Veterans Administration)," McCain said. "I'm sorry, comparing the United States of America to a small country in Europe is delusional. I'm sorry, some of us do not want to socialism to be normalized in this country."