WATCH: California man arrested for swinging toddler like a club to violently bludgeon child's mother
Riverside man with toddler -- screengrab

According to KCAL9, a Riverside man has been taken into custody after he was filmed violently swinging a toddler he was holding like a club to bludgeon the child's mother.

The report states that video of the incident was recorded on July 5 at Riverwalk Montecito Estates and was then posted to Facebook where it was brought to the attention of authorities.

In the video, the unidentified man and a woman can be seen arguing when the man suddenly swings the child around his head before hitting her on the shoulder and side -- after which he dropped the baby to the ground. Later he can be seen holding the child high in the air before dropping the baby to the cement below once again.

Alerted to the video, police tracked the man down and took him into custody, charging him with suspicion of child endangerment. The child -- a boy aged two  reports NBC-- was taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries before being released to his mother.

You can watch the video below: