Watch: Chicago cops beat protestors and reporter with batons after being pelted with bottles where police killed black man
Chicago police beat protestors reacting to cops killing a barber on the south side/Screenshot

The scene of a protest at the site that erupted immediately after a Chicago police officer reportedly shot a black man in the back has grown more tense.

According to Sun-Times reporter Nader Issa, the police have been pelted with bottles several times and responded by beating protestors. He was also struck in the melee.

"Chicago Police just rushed the parking lot and started hitting people," Issa tweeted. "I have my press badge on and identified myself as a reporter but I got shoved to the ground by two cops who smacked my phone out of my hand."

In one of the videos, a police officer starts swinging a baton at two men but appears to stop after he sees a video camera trained on him by the reporter.

Watch below.