Watch CNN's Anderson Cooper hilariously rake Trump over the coals for living in a 'witch hunt' fantasy world
Anderson Cooper appears on his CNN show/Screenshot

CNN host Anderson Cooper opened his Friday night show with a sharp-edged takedown of President Trump's claim that he is the victim of a witch hunt.

Earlier today, special prosecutor Robert Mueller handed down indictments that directly connect Russia's interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign to the Kremlin.

"All the White House did say was, essentially: 'Nothing to do with us, nothing to see here,'" Cooper said. "What they haven't been saying as well, that this was, you know, a direct attack aimed at the heart of the country's democracy."

Cooper then debriefed the day's events and the allegations in the indictments.

"Again, just to be clear, that 'witch hunt,' as the president called it, has now yielded 191 charges against 32 individuals and three companies," Cooper said. "And the president knew about it. Certainly hasn't stopped him from talking or tweeting about the search for women wearing pointy hats, riding broom sticks. By our count, the president has tweeted 84 times using the term 'witch-hunt' to describe the Russia probe."

Watch below.