Watch: Conservative scholar explains how Devin Nunes committed treason and should be expelled from House
Devin Nunes speaks to Fox News (Photo: screen grab)

The release of the FBI memo that established the basis for the FISA wiretaps of Trump aide Carter Page has renewed pressure on Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA), author of a memo which attempted to spin facts to discredit American intelligence.

In the wake of the revelations, which show Nunes misrepresented facts, might he become the sixth man ever expelled from the United States House of Representatives?

Norman Ornstein believes he could be.

Ornstein is a scholar who studies Congress and is the resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank.

Ornstein is an intellectual heavyweight, and not given to shooting off his mouth.

He opened the segment by explaining that he understood he was making an argument that might sound extreme at first blush.

"Of course it is a pretty severe thing—we have only had five members of the house who have ever been expel expelled," Ornstein said. "When you look at the Constitution, Article 3, Section Three, that defines treason, it is, besides war, adhering to their enemies, the state's, and giving aid and comfort. And I think what we have seen with Nunes, going back to way before the attacks on the FISA report on the intelligence community undermining key security o with the White House against the interests of the Congress... he has brought dishonor on the House and endangered the country and I don't say it lightly."

Watch below.