WATCH: Dollar Store clerk accuses black special ed teacher of committing 'fraud' for using a coupon

Adding to the depressing roster of normal activities black people can't engage in without being harassed: making use of special store offers.

A special ed teacher in Buffalo, New York, tried to use digital coupons at a Dollar Store, reports WIVB.

“I tried to show him on my dollar general app that I had clipped all of the coupons, so they should've came off," said Madonna Wilburn. "He told me that I was trying to beat the system, that I was trying to fraud the system.”

“Actually, it's been really depressing. The racist comments more so that people are making, she must be poor because she's black or she's couponing because she's poor, she's couponing because she's black,” said Wilburn.

Once Wilburn's video—which she hopes turns into a teachable moment—went viral, Dollar Stone fired the manager.

They offered her a $50 gift card, which she refused.