WATCH: Ex-federal prosecutor holds back laughter when told Trump insists he has 'nothing to hide'
Ex-federal prosecutor Shan Wu appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Shan Wu, a defense attorney who has previously worked as a federal prosecutor, had to hold back laughter on Tuesday when CNN's Dana Bash described President Donald Trump's legal strategy.

During a discussion of the decision of the president's legal team to waive attorney-client privilege for an audio recording of attorney Michael Cohen and the president talking about paying off a porn star, Wu explained the legal strategy behind such a move.

"I think that's a very strategic move on Giuliani and that side's part," he explained/ "If they litigated the privilege issue, they run the risk that the judge might determine that there's a crime-fraud exception to it. It's now much more of a public debate about what's in the tapes. By doing it this way, they have a better chance of controlling the release."

Bash then pointed out that Trump's rationale behind waiving privilege on the tapes was that he had "nothing to hide" -- and Wu's face immediately turned into a smirk that he managed to get under control just before he explained why he was skeptical of such an argument.

"I think that's strategic spin," he said.

Watch the video below.