WATCH: Failed Hitler-loving Senate candidate gets beat up on his own livestream
Former California Senate candidate Patrick Little. Image via screengrab.

Patrick Little, a failed Republican Senate candidate in California whose campaign website espouses anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, was beat up outside of an Olympia, Washington bar — and the whole incident was caught on his own livestream.

On his website, Little bemoaned the myth of the "tolerant left" and made reference to the "gang of thugs" who attacked him and his cameraman. In the beginning of the hour-long video posted on his site, Little Enterprises, the onetime candidate said he was there to "name the Jew" — his anti-Semitic campaign slogan that denotes his belief in conspiracy theories that tout a Jewish cabal that controls the world.

At one point, Little is shown in an argument with a black person where he repeatedly asked them if they believed "the slave trade was completely controlled by [the] Jewish."

"I'm gonna knock you the f*ck out," the person told him. "You need to move on."

A crowd begins to gather as the argument continues, and around the 45-minute marker in the video Little posted on his website, the camera goes completely dark. Another person with a deep voice is heard telling him to "shut the f*ck up"

After he and the cameraman get back up, Little spoke to police officers who were already on the scene and said they were there investigating a "hate crime" against the person he was shown arguing with earlier.

On his website, Little used the incident to ask his supporters for money.

"They can attack us, they can even kill us, but we will never capitulate.  We will never stop naming the Jew," he wrote. "Please consider supporting my LLC, as we sustain injuries to protect Americans’ rights."

Prior to losing his bid to become California's next senator by a 98.8 percent margin, Little made headlines for praising Hitler at a GOP convention while trampling Israel's flag.

You can watch an excerpt of Little's livestream that includes him getting punched below: