WATCH: Fox News legal expert says Michael Cohen interview should 'cause Donald Trump sleepless nights'
Andrew Napolitano appears on Fox News (screen grab)

On Sunday, Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen gave an interview to ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos where he indicated that his loyalty to the President has its limits.

Cohen asserted that his family and country come first.

On Fox's outnumbered Monday, host Harris Faulkner wondered why Cohen might choose to betray the President, given that he'd once pledged to "take a bullet for him."

"He went from taking a bullet to taking an interview," Faulkner joked.

While no one (besides Michael Cohen) can know for certain what made Michael Cohen suddenly start prioritizing his patriotism over his fealty to President Trump—it's clear that his decision to speak publicly might have serious repercussions.

"If what he said is true and if he means it, it should cause the President sleepless nights," former Judge Andrew Napolitano said.