President Donald Trump held his first interview after his summit with Vladimir Putin on Fox News with Sean Hannity.

During a panel discussion, Fox News host Hannity would not allow a guest on his show to critique the president or provide further context on the U.S relationship with Russia.

Hannity asked his guest, former CIA Chief of Station Daniel Hoffman, about cybersecurity.

"I spent a good chunk of my life collecting intelligence on Vladimir Putin. Let me take a look at it through his eyes," Hoffman said.

He continued: "That's why I believe that if the president said look Vladimir, we know you meddled in the elections."

Before he could finish his next sentence, Hannity interrupted.

"Let me finish my thought," Hoffman said.

Hannity said that condemning Putin on the world stage would have zero benefits. "What would that do for our future relations?" Hannity asked.

Watch below.