WATCH: Hispanic woman keeps her cool as racist Asian man demands her seat on NYC bus
Woman listens to another passenger's racist rant (Facebook)

A Facebook video shows an Asian-American man with a walker attack a Hispanic woman after she declined to give up her seat on a New York City bus.

Social media user Chelsea Soriano recorded video of the encounter in Queens and posted it online, with a caption written by a family member, reported the Daily Mail.

The video begins with the man, who speaks with an accent, asking the other passenger if she can read, and the woman, who appears to be around the same age, tries to ignore him.

"Everything was fine until this old Asian man got on and started hassling the woman sitting down to give up her seat," Cris Soriano wrote. "Now this man did not ask nicely he straight up yelled at her asking her if she can read."

"This woman was old and had trouble walking, only difference is this old man used a walker," Soriano added.

The man got angrier and angrier.

"On top of yelling at this woman... he started ramming his walker on to this poor woman’s legs. He then told her to get out and go back to her country," Soriano said. "Mind you this woman spoke clearer English than he did."

Another passenger tried to intervene, and Chelsea and Cris Soriano said they also tried to help before starting to record video.

"He called us spicks and told us all to go back to where we came from," Cris Soriano said. "He also went on a rant about how Asians are better because they pay taxes and they never go to jail. Unlike us brown people."

The Sorianos asked the man to an open seat in front of the woman, but he insisted on taking hers.

"The woman also kept her ground so she was fine dealing with him, hence her calmness in the video," Soriano said.

The man eventually takes the open seat but continues shouting and gesturing angrily.