WATCH: Republican slams latest right-wing ploy to knee-cap Mueller probe
Special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller. (Image via Tim Sloan/AFP.)

On Wednesday, members of the Republican Freedom Caucus introduced articles of impeachment against deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein, citing a lack of transparency in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe.

The move was widely seen as part media stunt, part attempt to cast doubt on the Mueller investigation.

On CNN Thursday, Rep. Leonard J. Lance (R-NJ) denounced the freedom caucus for their ploy to kneecap the probe.

"They introduced a resolution to impeach Rod Rosenstein yesterday," CNN asked. "We know we are learning there will not be a vote on this resolution today. Do you support this?"

"Absolutely not," Lance replied. "I'm a member of the Tuesday lunch group. We're the moderate Republicans. We're not in the freedom caucus. I support the Mueller investigation. I was the first Republican member of the House here on Capitol Hill to say that Jeff Sessions should recuse himself in matters related to Russia."

"Therefore, the deputy attorney general became the person in charge. of course, he appointed Mr. Mueller," Lance continued. "I do not favor impeachment in any way, shape or form regarding the deputy attorney general. I favor continuing the Mueller investigation to its conclusion."