WATCH: Trump voters defend president's botched Putin summit but admit 'he's an embarrassment'
Ashera Stanton on CNN -- screenshot

In the wake of President Donald Trump's poor showing last week where he appeared at a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin that was roundly criticized by both conservatives and liberals alike, CNN took their cameras to one the president's largest strongholds -- Florida retirement community  The Village -- to see if attitudes towards the president have changed.

The verdict: he's "an embarrassment," but they still think he's doing a good job.

Speaking with Sally Inberwish in a parking lot outside the enormous retirement complex, CNN reporter Gary Tuchman asked her how Trump is doing.

"He is an embarrassment to me and, as a Republican, I still feel that, you know, I just wish he would just learn to say things properly and maybe he wouldn't get himself into so much trouble," she replied.

Republican retiree Ashera Stanton was  asked about the Trump/Putin summit.

"When Donald Trump said there's blame for the united states as well as Russia, the blame on this country, does this trouble you?" Tuchman asked.

"It's Donald Trump, you know, you sort of expect that" she defended.

"But does that trouble you? do you think the united states should be blamed?" Tuchman pressed. "Should Donald Trump not have said that about his country?"

"No, I don't think the United States should be blamed," she replied. "He says a lot of stuff he should not say."

Another retiree was willing to excuse the president's bungling, saying he liked the way he "plays the press like a Stradivarius."

Asked about Trump's deference to Putin, Dick Hoffman added, "It didn't bother me a bit."

You can watch the interviews below via CNN: