WATCH: Washington GOP chairwoman says being called a ‘Trumpster’ is like being lynched
Cecily Wright and Donald Trump [Photo: Cecily Wright Facebook page]

Chairwoman of the Spokane County Republican Party, Cecily Wright, accused the political left of “label lynching,” according to a report from Spokesman News.

While defending James Allsup, 22, during a Northwest Grassroots meeting, Wright said that the media has hurt his reputation because of labels placed on him.

Allsup is affiliated with the Identity Evropa group, an organization that has been classified by the Anti-Defamation League as a white supremacist group.

“How many of you have heard the term label lynching? Sorta crazy, isn’t it?” Wright says in a video. “And yet, when you look at a website such as the SPLC, the Southern Poverty Law Center, or listen to your news commentators, they hang labels on people.”

Wright continues: “If I started saying something about you, that you were a white supremacist (sic), and you could say because so-and-so and such-and-such happened, and other people pick it up, and then if the news media picks it up, you’re dead meat, and it’s pretty darn sad. And people’s lives are destroyed by these labels that are being hung on them because we don’t take time to really figure out, is it true or is it not true? What is the purpose behind labeling a person a certain way or not?”

However, prior to this Wright condemned Allsup's views. When asked about Allsup’s past she claimed not be connected to him.

“I have not looked over them all,” she said. “I did not investigate James Allsup. I know how he is portrayed, and he is not someone that I affiliate with.”

Watch below.