A new video shared with KRON4 shows yet another white man throwing a bizarre tantrum over an everyday citizen doing nothing more than sipping a cup of coffee on the commuter train.

Thus far, the world has mocked Barbecue Becky, Jogger Joe, Permit Patty, Pool Patrol Paula, but Kron4 wondered if this man should become the new Coffee Carl.

Melisa Vazquez captured the video of a man on the BART train drinking coffee. Drinks are not supposed to be allowed, and the man did not handle the rule-breaker well.

"Sir, hold on," a BART attendant can be heard telling the white man trying to summon him.

"Sorry, can you just do an announcement telling people not to drink coffee on BART?" the white man asked.

Kron4 explained that just last week another white man went off on someone eating a burrito. He went so far as to call the BART police and became known as Burrito Bart.

Watch the meltdown below: