WATCH: White owner of urban Detroit clothing store spits in black man's face in ugly parking lot dispute
Detroit retailer Robert Stanzler -- screenshot

In a video posted to Facebook, the owner of a clothing store that sells Detroit-inspired apparel was caught spitting in a black man's face and ranting at him during a dispute over parking spaces.

According to the Detroit Metro Times, Detroit Mercantile owner Robert Stanzler is now under fire  -- and his store is facing a boycott -- for the video that was posted by Ibrahim Muhammad Mission who was trying to resolve the dispute.

Witnesses who saw the interaction said Stanzler was enraged that people were parking in his lot while attending an event at the nearby Eastern Market, and confronted Mission, in a way they described as "vile" and "violent."  Mission, who had been hired to provide security, was attempting to clear the cars when he ran up against Stanzler.

According to the report, Mission endured abuse from the business owner before pulling out his cell phone and filming Stanzler -- asking him to repeat what he had previously been yelling. In the video the white store owner can be seen giving the black man the finger, spitting in the direction of the phone, with witnesses adding Stanzler also spit in the black man's face. Mission then reportedly called the police, at which point Stanzler began to apologize, but the damage was done said one witness.

"To have anybody spit in your face — you have the racial component of an older white man spitting in a younger black man's face, which is very loaded. That still means a lot," said Detroit Narrative Agency's program director ill Weaver (who spells their name with a lowercase "i") reports Detroit Metro.

Since the video has gone viral Stanzler has apologized again, but locals are calling for a boycott of Detroit Mercantile.

You can watch the video below via Facebook.