WATCH: Wisconsin Trump voter finally abandons him after disastrous Putin summit
A now ex-Trump voter in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Image via screengrab.

In a county that only barely swung for Donald Trump in 2016, voters are increasingly ambivalent about the president's policies — especially when it comes to Russia.

A Kenosha, Wisconsin woman named Pam Anderson, interviewed by CNN's Kyung Lah, said the press conference between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin represented a turning point in her thinking on him.

During that appearance in Helsinki, Trump "pushed aside" the Russians' election interference in 2016 and made it seem like he's "mocking the whole system," the woman told CNN.

"I had voted for [Barack] Obama and this time around I went ahead and voted for Donald Trump and I really regret that decision," Anderson told Lah.

When asked who she would vote for in 2020, the woman was unequivocal in her response.

"Not him," Anderson said.

Lah noted that when she asked the Wisconsinan about Trump's claim that he "misspoke" during the Helsinki press conference, she responded that it was "total BS."

Watch below, via CNN: