John Dean, Former White House Counsel for President Richard Nixon is well acquainted with Washington scandals and indictments over his many years in politics. It could be the reason that he can school President Donald Trump on the latest charges handed down by the grand jury.

CNN's Anderson Cooper said that he doubted Russia will be extraditing the 12 Russian intelligence officers that hacked the United States. So, he wondered what Trump has to ask from Russian President Vladimir Putin for the attacks.

"Well, of course he has sanctions at his disposal, but he hasn't even fully enforced the sanctions that he's been authorized to," Dean said Sunday. "I think he might say this is one of the reasons we need an extradition treaty between our two countries, and that could be something they could announce they've decided to do in light of this indictment."

"You know, an indictment isn't a press release," he schooled Trump. "This is a document that says, 'We have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that these things happened.' You know, in the past Putin has just said, 'Well, these are just charges.' Well, as I say, this is much more than that, and Trump, who undoubtedly has not read the indictment, at least could be briefed enough to put that point in front of Putin."

When asked what his goal of the meeting with Putin is, Trump told CBS News he didn't know and would tell them after the meeting what his goal is for the meeting he just had.

Watch the full conversation below: