The White House gave the GOP talking points about Trump and Putin— but nobody used them
First Lady Melania Trump looks on as President Donald Trump receives a two-arm handshake President Vladimir Putin.

In what may have been an attempt to regain control of the agenda in the wake of Donald Trump's disastrous meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the White House issued talking points to Congressional Republicans — but it appears very few have used them.

As ABC's Peter Alexander noted alongside a screenshot of the list of talking points titled "POTUS Helsinki summit," "very few, if any, GOP lawmakers" have echoed the list that includes a note on how Trump "isn't going to let an excessive focus on the past get in the way of building a brighter future between the world's two largest nuclear powers."


Indeed, GOP reactions to the summit have run the gamut — from an abnormally critical statement from House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) to childish dismissals from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).

None, it seems, have mentioned the White House's assertion that Trump "spent much of his Summit with President Putin talking about Russian interference in American elections and other disagreements" during the closed-door meeting that included only to two heads of state and their interpreters.