Alabama Trump delegate latest to be duped into humiliating himself for Sacha Baron Cohen: 'You're a homo!'
Alabama conservative Shaun McCutcheon duped by Sacha Baron Cohen (Photo: Screen capture)

Alabama conservative and GOP delegate Shaun McCutcheon claims that he "helped elect President Donald Trump as president of the U.S." in the latest "Who Is America." He is just another conservative, duped by the Showtime comedian

In a training with so-called anti-terror expert Sgt. Erram Morad, who is actually Sacha Baron Cohen in makeup.

Using his plan "hide, infiltrate, violence" (HIV), Cohen explains that McCutcheon has to find new ways to hide. He developed special helmets for McCutcheon and an aide that appears as though it's a stack of papers or phone books.

When it came to violence, however, that's where things got entertaining. Cohen began by explaining that Muslims hate pork more than anything. So, he has McCutcheon chase around the room with a ham. McCutcheon explained that he really loves pork, especially barbecue.

Cohen's second tactical maneuver was to deploy the homosexual defense. McCutcheon is seen running through a collection of cubicles with a shield depicting homosexual sex on it.

"You're a homo! You're a homo! You're a homo!" he shouts.

Cohen asks them to run another simulation with the two men attacking him. One held the ham shouting "pork" while McCutcheon held his shield and shouted, "you're gay!"

Watch the hilarity below: