Alex Jones claims he's advising Donald Trump on conspiracy theory about Google censorship
Alex Jones -- screenshot

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones tweeted Tuesday evening that he is the one behind President Donald Trump's new war against Google.

Tuesday morning, Trump took to Twitter to complain that his Google search results were showing negative content. While the search engine tailors each search result, Trump is bothered conservative content isn't the dominant source.

Jones has been removed from YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms after posting inflammatory content, threats and other things that breach the terms of services. That could be the reason Jones has sought out help from his friend.

The allegation of censorship so near the election is a reminder of the conservative backlash Facebook got. The right claimed Facebook trends were chosen by liberals and conservative media outlets and right-wing topics weren't allowed through. Facebook eventually caved and was gunshy with regulating fake news sites and Russian bots using their platform to boost Trump.

You can see the video below: