Ana Navarro roasts Trump over latest illiterate tweet: 'At least learn how to spell counsel'
Ana Navarro (Photo: Screen capture)

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to attack Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe. The president seemed upset that investigators had spent 30 hours questioning White House Special Counsel Don McGahn, and he made his feelings abundantly clear.

"Disgraced and discredited Bob Mueller and his whole group of Angry Democrat Thugs spent over 30 hours with the White House Councel, only with my approval, for purposes of transparency," he wrote. "Anybody needing that much time when they know there is no Russian Collusion is just someone...."

On Twitter Monday, Republican strategist Ana Navarro pointed out that while she had no faith in Trump's ability to evolve past his racism and xenophobia, she at least hoped he would learn how to spell "special counsel," since he seems bent on discrediting the findings of Special Counsel Mueller.