Arkansas McDonald's employee fired for throwing hot fry grease on a customer's face during drive-thru fight
A close-up photo of a box of McDonald's fries. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

An Arkansas McDonald's employee is out of a job after throwing hot grease on a customer's face during a heated argument.

Little Rock's KTHV reported that an altercation between an unruly customer and employees at a North Little Rock location of the iconic fast food chain turned violent on Sunday, August 19.

Around 10:50 PM Sunday night, police were called to the restaurant when its employees said customer Tonio Andrews "became irate in the drive-thru and had returned and smashed the glass on the lobby door," according to police reports.

They found cracks in the glass but that it was still intact, and went back on duty — only to get called back 30 minutes later when Andrews told them an employee threw hot grease in his face.

"You need to make up your ... mind and quit wasting my time," the female employee told the man, according to the police report. He claimed the woman tried to close the drive-thru window on his arm but he wedged it back open – and that's when she allegedly "came to the window with a container filled with boiling hot grease and she threw it at his face."

Police confirmed to KTHV that his wounds were "consistent with a grease burn." The report noted that he was taken to the hospital to treat the burns.

Andrews said he drove away following the incident but returned with family members, one of whom he said broke a door on the restaurant's building.

Michael Retzer, Jr., the man who owns and operates the North Little Rock McDonalds where Andrews was burned, said the employee had been terminated.