Authoritarian expert demands Mueller 'act now' as Trump's slow-motion 'Saturday Night Massacre' rolls on
Sarah Kendzior on AM Joy -- screenshot

Authoritarian expert Sarah Kendzior demanded immediate action from special counsel Robert Mueller after the FBI on Monday fired agent Peter Strzok.

Kendzior cited the firing as a data-point in President Donald Trump's "slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre."

"Now you can add Peter Strzok to the politically motivated firings of officials who spoke out about Trump's corruption and illicit dealings with Russia," Kendzior reported. "This is a slow-motion purge and it will not spare anyone outside Trump's inner circle, which will become smaller over time."

"Trump, like any autocrat, aims to rewrite the law so that he can break it. As he purges the officials who investigate corruption, he packs courts with judges who will exonerate him regardless of evidence," she explained.

"This erosion of justice and accountability is an entirely predictable consequence of having a crime family in the White House. This is a dynastic kleptocracy and the longer they are in, the worse it will get," Kendzior predicted.

"Those who still have the power of the law need to use it now," she counseled, with 'now' written in all capital letters.

"Spare me talk of how the Mueller probe is moving fast," she continued. "It's not."

"Institutions, already very weak before Trump, are in free fall," she noted. "Act now or likely lose the option to act at all."

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