A&W restaurant calls cops on white customer for buying breakfast for elderly Native woman
A & W fast food restaurant in Cardston, Alberta, via Google Maps.

Police were called on a white man who purchased breakfast for an "Indigenous Elder" at an A&W fast food restaurant.

Nick Driedger, the white man who had police called on him, told APTN News that the incident in Carston, Alberta was "clearly racist."

He recounted the woman asking the couple in line ahead of him for a meal. When it was his turn at the counter, he added a sandwich for the woman.

“She just wanted a meal,” he explained.

The worker who called police allegedly said that loitering concerns were the basis of a store policy to ban people buying meals for others.

“I was furious,” he said. “I think it’s a basic human right to eat.”

The worker also claimed the woman was "menacing."

“This is a little lady, maybe 100 pounds with a walker," he estimated. "She couldn’t be menacing to anyone."

Royal Canadian Mounted Police responded to the call briefly, but did not even interview Driedger.

“They just kind of shook their heads,” he said.

“For me to get all this attention for something that Indigenous people face every day it isn’t right,” Dreidger concluded. “It says a lot about our social norms.”