'The bullet hit my thumb': Jacksonville survivor live tweets his terror during mass shooting escape
Madden gaming champion Drini Gjoka (Photo: GooglePlus)

Like many gamers in Jacksonville, Drini Gjoka just wanted to play with others and do well. Prior to the Madden Tournament, Gjoka tweeted that he was working to get his game up. But what happened made him never want to come back.

"My game aint where I want it to be, putting so much time in too. Hopefully I can get it right these next 2 days," he tweeted just days prior to the tournament.

"Ready for Jacksonville. Put so much time in. Time to execute. Good luck to everyone competing," he tweeted just prior to the event. "Feeling really good right now👀 Cant wait till tomorrow."

Then things took a horrifying turn. The 19-year-old gamer arrived at the Jacksonville Landing entertainment and shopping complex and narrowly escaped his life.

"The tourney just got shot up. Im leavinng and never coming back," he tweeted. "I am literally so lucky. The bullet hit my thumb."

He went on to call it the worst day of his life and said "I will never take anything for granted ever again. Life can be cut short in a second."