On Friday, yet another former employee of President Donald Trump buckled under pressure and agreed to testify against him in exchange for immunity—Allen Weisselberg, CFO of Trump organization.

Throughout the day political analysts noted that the defection must be especially galling to Trump, since he seems to put such a premium on loyalty: for example, when he praised Paul Manafort for going to trial and bashed Michael Cohen for co-operating.

On CNN Friday, panelists resurfaced a book Trump published in 2007, where he claims that the secret to the Trump organization's success can be found in the loyalty of employees.

"I think the reason we have so many loyal people is that we reward loyalty and everybody knows this," the president wrote at the time.

"People like Allen Weisselberg are great & have proven themselves over many years," wrote Trump in Think Big and Kick Ass: In Business and in Life.

"Loyalty apparently only goes so far," observed host Erica Hill.