CNN's Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon laugh hysterically at Steve Cortes for making things up on air
CNN's Chris Cuomo and Dom Lemon [Photo: Screengrab from video]

On Wednesday, conservative Steve Cortes told CNN's, Chris Cuomo, that building a border wall would fix 95 percent of the immigration issues happening at the border.

During a brief conversation with CNN's Don Lemon, Cuomo joked that Cortes numbers are not true.

"You know where he gets that number?" Cuomo said as he stuck his finger in his ear.

"I'm glad you used your ear because some people would have said somewhere else," Lemon said.

Cuomo said the facts are important.

"No personal disrespect to Steve, I understand what he's doing but they just throw stuff out there, and the president is the master of it," Cuomo said. "And then it becomes true because it feels right. If we can't get straight on the facts, we'll never get straight on what to do."

Watch below.