CNN's John King mocks the GOP as the 'Grand Ostrich Party' for trying to downplay Cohen's guilty plea

CNN's John King did not mince words on Wednesday as he compared the reactions of Democrats and Republicans to President Trump's legal woes, saying the GOP was "putting political survival ahead any of interest in finding the truth or their own party's credibility."

King showed a montage highlighting the reactions of Republicans Orrin Hatch, who said "the president shouldn't be held responsible for the actions of people that he's trusted"; Charles Grassley, who asked "what is there about him to worry about"; and John Kennedy, who stated "I don't think the full story has been written yet." King also pointed to the silence of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

King added that "among Democrats, there's across the board outrage but mixed opinion over how to channel that outrage. Some saying everything should be on the table, including impeachment, even indictment. Others, let's be a little more cautious." A second montage illustrated the diversity of opinion among Democrats.

CNN reporter Phil Mattingly then chimed in saying "I don't think you'll see any shift" from Republicans. "The red line has always been the firing or efforts to get rid of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Anything short of that you'll not see many people bite."

The normally mild-mannered King grinned wryly and added "the Grand Ostrich Party, I would call it."

Watch the video below.