Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin calls for total 'shunning' of 'liar' Sarah Sanders after she leaves White House
Jennifer Rubin, Sarah Sanders -- screenshots

Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin unloaded on White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders on MSNBC Sunday morning, saying the president's press secretary puts all reporters at risk with her attacks on the press.

Speaking with AM Joy host Joy Reid, and jumping off from Trump's tweet that the "dangerous and sick" press "can also cause War," Rubin said the real war is the one the White House is waging on truth and that Sanders needs to be held accountable.

According to Rubin, the first thing the press needs to do is quit covering Trump's self-promoting campaign rallies and then stop attending White House press briefings conducted by Sanders.

"We don't have to put it [the press briefing] on television, we don't have to put it on television live," she suggested. "If by some chance she utters some morsel of accurate information it could be fact-checked and related to the audience. The same thing with the rallies -- no reason to put them on live television."

She then turned to Sanders, who bitterly complained about she how she has been treated by the press during a confrontation with CNN's Jim Acosta earlier in the week.

"I would also add one little thing," the conservative columnist continued. "Sarah Huckabee Sanders is so concerned that people aren't nice to her. And people like me think that -- not that she should be harassed -- but that she should be shunned."

"The reason is that she lies," she explained. "She attacks our free press and no respectable employer should hire her after this term. Also, no university and no news outlet. She has lied and she has endangered the lives of reporters and that's why she should be shunned. Not harassed -- shunned."

You can watch the video below via MSNBC: