Conservative stuns CNN’s Don Lemon by denouncing McCain-bashing GOPer Kelli Ward as a ‘trash candidate’
Don Lemon and Scott Jennings (CNN)

CNN's Don Lemon asked for applause after a conservative commentator strongly condemned statements made by Republican candidate Kelli Ward about cancer and the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

Ward is running from behind in Tuesday's Arizona GOP primary, and she complained over the weekend that McCain's death was timed to hurt her campaign -- and then she compared cancer, which caused the senator's death, to political correctness.

"I think Kelli Ward is a terrible human being for some of the things she said over the weekend, and deserves to lose this race and does not deserve to be appointed to this Senate seat," said conservative commentator Scott Jennings.

Lemon interrupted him at that point, and asked the other panelists if they would applaud his candor.

"Stop right there," Lemon said. "Can we just applaud him? What she has said and has done is just disgraceful."

Jennings followed up before the segment by comparing Ward to some other infamously bad Republican candidates.

"She is in the same camp as (Todd) Aiken, (Christine) O'Donnell and the rest of the trash candidates," Jennings said. "If we nominate her, the party will be out of business."