Democratic CNN commentator tells Trump lover to 'buckle-up' because 'there are worst days to come'
Paul Begala, Poppy Harlow, Jason Miller (Photo: Screen capture)

Democratic strategist Paul Begala warned conservative pundit Jason Miller that things are going to get much worse for President Donald Trump.

In wake of the guilty plea for Michael Cohen and guilty counts for Paul Manafort, sources at the White House indicated those closest to Trump are worried.

"What's astonishing, Poppy, is that Michael Cohen, the man who said he would take a bullet from Donald Trump, is now holding a gun to his head," Begala said. "This is the worst day of the Trump presidency, but I have to tell you, there are worse days to come. Mr. Cohen knows where all the bodies are buried. He will have a powerful incentive to coordinate."

He went on to say that he was shocked by Cohen's admission that implicated the president while he was under oath.

"He said I acted in coordination with Trump," Begala continued. "He said I did it with the coordination and at the behest of Donald Trump. Now he's not going to say that unless there's more evidence to back that up. Documentation, maybe even tapes. Goodness knows Mr. Cohen was maybe unethically taping Mr. Trump from time to time. This is the worst day so far but I've got to tell you."

Watch the smackdown below: