Duncan Hunter: I'm 'excited' to go on trial for corruption so I can expose the anti-Trump Deep State
Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) (Screen cap).

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) on Wednesday told his local news station that he was "excited" to go on trial for corruption charges.

Duncan, who along with his wife was indicted on multiple campaign funding fraud charges on Tuesday, tells San Diegeo's 10 News that he believed his upcoming trial would be the perfect showcase to expose the career Department of Justice employees whom he claims have it out for him and President Donald Trump.

"We’re excited about going to trial with this, frankly," he said. "This is modern politics and modern media mixed in with law enforcement that has a political agenda. That’s the new Department of Justice."

When asked to expand on what he meant by "the new Department of Justice," Hunter said the DOJ was being run by a cabal of liberals -- despite the fact that the department's top two officials are Republicans appointed by Trump himself.

"This is the Democrats’ arm of law enforcement, that’s what’s happening right now," he said. "It’s happening with Trump, it’s happening with me. We’re going to fight through it and win and the people get to vote in November … I think they’ve used every dirty trick in the book, so it’ll go to court when they want it to."

According to the indictment issued Tuesday, the Hunters illegally used campaign donations to pay for hotel stays while on vacation in Europe, as well as golf outings and even dozens of tequila shots.

Watch the interview below.