Eric Bolling caught harassing locals at a bar: report
Fox News host Eric Bolling on 'The Five' on March 23, 2014

Digital Consultant Hailey Snow tweeted on Wednesday that she was harassed by former Fox News anchor Eric Bolling, who faced allegations of sexual misconduct.

"So what do you do when you’re @ericbolling and you leave @FoxNews amid allegations of sexual harassment? You harass women at bars."

She said that she was at a bar with her intern when Bolling first walked up to them and that he was still struggling to understand what the word "no" actually means.

In an email exchange with Raw Story, Snow explained that she wanted to take her intern out for a drink. They went to the Washington Court Hotel next to the American Federation of Teachers, where Snow worked until June. Bolling parted ways with Fox News in Sept. 2017 and had been doing an online show over the summer for CRTV. He has been filming at the Washington Court Hotel this week, sources confirmed.

Snow explained that her intern is a journalism major that has been warned by her professors not to say or do anything online for fear she might hurt her future career. Bolling told the two women that they were live on air while he was flirting with them. Snow said she politely told him "no thank you" but "this guy just wouldn't get out of our faces."

Snow said he then came back over later to "troll" her. She noted that Bolling didn't ask if he could film them and she didn't feel like it was right to film without asking, especially while they were complaining about him filming them.

At the end of his 17th episode, Bolling walks into the bar to talk to people and ask them questions. He interviews a family he said that he met the previous night at the Trump Hotel, who came to see his show on Wednesday.

There are other conservatives in the bar that promote their organizations, but when he got to the end of the bar the women are seen ducking their heads from cameras. They repeatedly say "no" and finally at the end one of the women asked him to leave.

"OK, I'm going to leave, but how about the Washington Nationals?" he asked. They don't respond. "You could always hang out with the birthday party in the back."

Watch a video of the incident below: