'Do you feel disoriented?' Fox News host asks Rudy Giuliani why he seems confused all the time
Howard Kurtz speaks to Rudy Giuliani (Fox News/screen grab)

During an interview with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, Fox News host Howard Kurtz touched on the former New York mayor's mental health.

Kurtz noted that MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Nicole Wallace had both suggested that Giuliani's mental health is failing.

"Joe Scarborough, a onetime Republican congressman, said while criticizing some of your comments, 'His eyes are bulging while he’s talking and he looks disoriented,'" Kurtz explained. "Do you feel disoriented, Mr. Mayor?"

"Absolutely, I'm completely disoriented," Giuliani replied flatly. "I'm sure I sound that way. Is there something wrong? Doesn't this give you an indication, Howie, of how completely disoriented the press is and how out of control they are, not only criticizing the president, but everybody around him."

"You can disagree with me," he added. "But I'm hardly disoriented. I know where I am. I know who I am. I don't even think it's worth commenting except for the fact that, aren't they way out of control as journalists, accusing you of some kind of mental illness?"

"It's another thing to say that a person is disoriented, who's not," Giuliani said. "Scarborough has got some deep animus towards the president. All of MSNBC does."

Watch the video below from Fox News.