Former US attorney on MSNBC slaps down Rudy Giuliani's claim that Mueller is 'running out of time'

Former US attorney Greg Brower had nothing but scorn for Rudy Giuliani's statement that "Mueller is running out of time."

Brower agreed with MSNBC anchor Hallie Jackson's assertion that the comment seemed to be "more of a pr strategy than a legal strategy", since "Robert Mueller can do what he wants".

"This is Giuliani being Giuliani," Brower said. He added that Giuliani was "trying to create spin and, frankly, trying to create leverage of the type that neither he nor the president really has."

Brower went on to explain that despite Giuliani's protests to the contrary, the investigation into Russia's efforts to hack and disrupt the 2016 election, and whether they colluded with the Trump campaign, would "proceed on the special counsel's time and in the way the special counsel thinks is appropriate."

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