Fox News' Chris Wallace stunned as Trump weighs in on Manafort trial: Things have changed -- and not for the better
Fox News host Chris Wallace. (Screenshot)

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace on Friday highlighted the abnormality of President Donald Trump weighing in on the federal trial of one of his former top advisers, Paul Manafort.

As a jury considered a verdict in the Manafort case, Trump told reporters that what had happened to his former campaign chairman was a "sad day for our country."

"You know, as I heard that I thought boy, we really have changed. I'm not sure for the better," Wallace said. "I remember Richard Nixon back in the 60s, early 70s talking about the Charles Manson trial -- not someone who many people had doubts about. The president weighed in on his guilt and people went nuts."

"I remember Barack Obama weighing in on Trayvon Martin or Henry Louis Gates in Cambridge, weighing in on those, and people when nuts. The idea a president would in any way intervene in a trial," Wallace continued.

"You have now with Paul Manafort, the jury is considering the case and the president basically saying it's sad that the prosecution was brought against this man who was a former -- briefly -- top advisor, campaign chairman for president Trump. How things have changed."